Biggest Lie About Climate Change

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What Is The Biggest Lie About Climate Change?

The Biggest Lie About Climate Change, Global warming and climate change is caused by our immense burning of coal, gas and oil for energy. This causes the carbon release to combine with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce carbon dioxide, which traps heat that would have radiated back out into space. Due to this, the extra heat trapped near the earth is equivalent to the heat from four hundred thousand bombs, the size of what was dropped on Hiroshima, being collected in our atmosphere every day.

By 2100, the rising sea levels will cost the world 14 trillion dollars. 9/10 deadliest heat waves recorded in human history have occurred since the year 2000. Since the 1970s, 60% of the world’s wildlife has been killed. If we continue our greenhouse emissions, by 2070 the tropical that now gets one day a year of oppressive humid heat will get between 100-125 days a year. By 2050, a quarter of the earth will experience desertification and droughts.


This is the story of how your future and safety were robbed without you ever really noticing it.

Back in the 70s, when climate and weather were moderate and undisturbed, an oil company called Exxon was created. They were obsessed with innovation and invention. They invested in science and hired scientists for research. Exxon scientists were the first ones to discover that burning of coal, fossil fuels will result in the greenhouse effect which will cause climate change.

This happened in the early 1980s when the oil prices were reduced. Exxon decided to ignore the discovery and instead focus on the growth of their business. In 1982, the scientists came up with thorough research and warned the company of its ill effects on climate. Exxon’s fossil fuel extraction would warm the climate, cause sea levels to rise and increase deadly droughts.

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The scientists suggested a major reduction in fossil fuel combustion. An email from Lenny Bernstein, an employee of Exxon wrote “In the 1980s, Exxon needed to understand the potential for concerns about climate change led to the regulation of potential projects. They were well ahead of the rest of the industry in this awareness.” Instead of finding out alternative ways to generate energy, they decided to lie.

An internal memo from Exxon was released In the 1980s, which stated: “need to start to emphasize the uncertainty of the scientific data around climate change.” They began to go against their very own research and started the trend of climate change denial. Exxon did believe in the climate change theory but decided to lie.

They built drilling platforms in the oceans a little bit higher to deal with the problem of rising sea level. Later, the effects of climate change became evident. Republican President George Bush passed a regulation on fossil fuel combustion.

The Manipulation…

This time the oil companies jacked up their campaigns to increase climate change denial. They started with OP ads, that is, articles which are paid to be written. Many of these OP advertisement was published in the New York Times. They paid scientists to promote fake science.

In 1997, Lee Raymond, the CEO of Exxon, said in the presentation, that the earth is actually cooling. This was a lie. He made climate change a political issue. He persuaded the government to take Carbon dioxide out of the list of pollutants. Due to the debate, until 2017, 90% of the population was unaware of the term GLOBAL WARMING. This helped Exxon to sign a 500 billion dollar deal to explore for oil in the Russian Arctic.

Stefan Hawking said that humans should leave the earth by next century to save themselves. Who can afford this? The retired CEO of Exxon who made such great monetary progress and is now chilling.

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