Consequences of living life too early


Consequences of living life too early

There’s a saying that’s says that “everything has a right time”. Well we have observed an unnecessary imbalance in teenage social lives and in those who are living life too early. Teens from well to do families are involved in drugs, alcohol, adult parties and sex. Well there is nothing wrong in these elements of life, teen should refrain from doing them.

Teenage life is a phase of life with a lot of ups and downs in all aspects, be it physical, mental or emotional. There are a lot of changes that take place in the body and huge quantity of hormonal imbalances. There is a lot of energy in teens and young adults (from the age of 13 to 30). Parents from countries like China, India and likewise have particular family rules and codes of conduct. These families do not encourage teenage sex or consumption of alcohol in school life.  

If we compare western families with these families, there is a huge difference in upbringing and parenting. Strict parents according to teens are those who don’t allow their children to do things which are mentioned above. Western parents are said to be cool for approval of teens to some of the things like having sexual relations at school or consuming alcohol, etc. Yes, we do agree that there are some judge-mental parents and it is totally wrong to judge their child’s basic choices. But do not mix judge-mental behavior with freedom. Life has many dimensions and phases.

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Teenage life is the most crucial part of living. It determines your physical, emotional and personal attributes. It is the time of life where you grow into an adult. This growth is very important as it impacts each and every part of your body. You need to take care of your body. Consumption of alcohol, drugs, smoking or having sex can deeply affect your growth, hormones or your genes.

There are a lot of hormonal changes in the body which impact your mental and emotional state. We become vulnerable and unstable. We feel like we are doing right and then everything goes wrong. Alcohol, smoking, sex and many more things can become an addiction. There is a survey that says that girls who wait till the age of 19 to lose their virginity are at a low risk of having depression than the ones who lose their virginity earlier.

Our bodies go through so much than we actually are aware of. Yet in our minds we feel like living life or having freedom is only when you are allowed to party or have sex. There is so much more than just freedom. Even our parents want us to have fun and be happy. But teenage life is so unrealistic and daunting that parents do not allow their teen kids. The only problem today that shows the widening gap between teenagers and their parents is because parents do not have the time to sit and explain to their kids about why they are saying NO.

Age 14 to age 18 is very crucial in the academic and career aspect. You decide your goals and work towards achieving them. The great energy of teens has to be channelized in a healthy way, ie., through their passion. If they learn to focus and manage this energy, they can do anything in life.

Moreover, doing adult stuff for fun in young can become boring after a certain time. When a mango tree’s flowers are taken off for fruiting, not all of the flowers are removed. Some are kept there only. If all the fruits are taken down at once, it will not be able to become a huge fully grown tree. Similarly, if you live life too early, the essence of satisfaction will go away.   


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