Top 4 Dramatic/Inspiring Movies For Quarantine

Top 4 Dramatic/Inspiring/Romantic Movies For Quarantine
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It’s Da Quarantine Season and We all are at Home, Bored. To. Death. JK! BUT, Here are some movies which are very, very, very dramatic and romantic. Perfect for the times when you want that ice cream high or when you wanna feel inspired/loved. So Here Are The Top 4 Dramatic/Inspiring/Romantic Movies For Quarantine

Little Women

Cast- Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Timothee Chalamet

Director- Greta Gerwig (Not Thunberg)

This is a story based on the novel Little Women. The March sisters- Josephine, Amy, Meg and Beth, determined to live life on their own terms face challenges to fulfil their desires.

I read this novel when I was 13 and the book coming to life is a blissful experience. The tale of these four women is inspiring, emotional and heartwarming. The characters portray strength, courage and determination in their lives. Feminism is the very essence of this movie. With the dazzling cast, especially THE HARRY POTTER FAME! EMMA WATSON!, But really, This movie is an absolute must-watch.

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Little Women Movie Review Emma Watson
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Cast- Nasim Pedrad, Lamorne Morris, Anna Camp, Robbie Amell

Director- LP

A panicked young woman, with her two best friends, rushes to Mexico to try and delete an unpleasant(very) email she sent to her new boyfriend.

This movie is a hilarious trip to Mexico where unemployed Wesley races to delete an abusive email. The movie has some very funny moments with Wesley’s lack of self-love and humorous nature are a quite blend. The dolphin’s sexual activity in the ocean is one of my most favourite scenes in the movie. This story is Conventional, Romantic, and induced with lots of drama. The production is colourful and sights of shooting are amazing. If you love watching drama and mishaps, this is just the movie for you.

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Desperados Movie Review
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Set it up

Cast- Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Taye Diggs, Lucy Liu

Director- Claire Scanlon

Two overburdened and under appreciated assistants come up with a plan to set their bosses up with each other in order to get some free time.

This is a simple story with an interesting concept which so damn relatable for overworking clerks. This movie is a total charmer. The comedy also works in favour of the movie and makes so much more relatable. The chemistry shared by the lead actors is just magical. The creators have done an excellent job as the cinematography and sets make the commercial world seem so real.

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Set it up Movie Review
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27 Dresses

Cast- Katherine Heigl, James Marsden

Director- Anne Fletcher

Jane, who loves weddings, served as a bridesmaid 27 times. She is in a situation where she has to help her sister to pull off a wedding who’s getting married to the man she loves. Meanwhile, she meets a cynical journalist who’s the writer of her favourite column.

This movie goes through a series of events, that is, WEDDINGS. Our protagonist loves to help people plan their wedding and make it a perfect one. As the title suggests, she has 27 bridesmaid dresses which are totally ugly and horrible picks. But she has saved all of them in her closet. She is in love with her boss. Her prodigal sister starts seeing him and in no time, her boss proposes Jane’s sister. Here, Jane is in a heartbreaking situation where she has to help her sister organize her marriage. The movie takes interesting turns and the ending is predictable but so perfect. This movie is perfectly funny, romantic and charming.

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27 Dresses Movie Review

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