Turns Out, Sanitization, Face Masks and Social Distancing Can Kill Us Too

Sanitization, Face Masks and Social distancing can kill us, Tribe. Earthlyspeaks.

Sanitization, Face Masks and Social distancing can kill us, Really!

Hey Folks, Simran here, Today, I’m here to talk about how these three elements can and have killed so many people worldwide. The WHO instructed the world to isolate ourselves, wear masks and sanitize as frequent as possible to fight the disease which is allegedly been claimed as DEADLY. We civilians without giving a second thought are following these norms because we want protection. But sadly, this protection is a curse to mankind in disguise. Sanitization, Face Masks and Social distancing can kill us.


We are frequently sanitizing our hands with chemicals to prevent the invasion of germs inside our body. When you eat food with sanitized hands, these chemicals get inside your body.

These chemicals are not at all digestible. Our stomach already has hydrochloric acid for digestion. When these chemicals get inside our body, they react with the acid and can cause food poisoning. Thousands of people have died because of these reasons in the past months of the pandemic.

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Here’s a simple thing you can do. You can sanitize other objects and furniture but WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER ONLY.

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Face Masks

We wear face masks to prevent any foreign particles in the air from entering our body through our nose or mouth. By covering your lower face, your nose and mouth; you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide. People with respiratory problems are dying because of this. Thousands of people have died because of hyperoxia. In countries where pollution is on the peak, the situation is worse. Wearing masks in causing more problems to humans. There’s another thing that I’ve noticed is that its compulsory for the customers to wear masks but the shopkeepers are not wearing them. What’s the logic there? Why are we blindly following things that are causing severe dangers?

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Social Distancing

The rule of staying 6 feet away from each other is absurd if we are talking about protection from the cough droplets. A sneeze or a cough does not stop at 6 feet. A cough can spread around 18 feet and sneeze around 24 feet. So, I really don’t know how is our protection possible. Social distancing has destroyed businesses- small scale to large scale industries. It has destroyed the things that make this world a better place to live in. the suicide rates in there few months have tripled. People are giving their lives because if economic and social depression.

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Raise Your Voice!

We are so ignorant that we have failed to distinguish between what’s right and wrong. Thus we are just being played like dolls. We have the right to know. We have a RIGHT.

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